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Get your Skype on by reducing Skype’s standby battery usage on Android!

One of the problems with Skype on Android is its battery usage when its running in the background. After doing some testing, I found this to be caused by Skype waking my phone every once in a while to get a location update from network location.  I’m not sure why Skype needs your phone’s location, but it works just fine without it.

There are two ways to stop Skype from waking your phone however the second method is the best and I highly recommend it!

The first way is to disable “Use wireless networks” in the location settings of Android itself. This however stop all other apps on your phone from retrieving your phone’s approximate location, such as Google Maps, and Facebook.

The second method is less intrusive as it will only affect Skype, but it requires you to have root and an app from the android market called Permissions Denied.


This app will block specific permissions from specific apps. The permission we want to block from Skype is the coarse location permission. Once we do that and reboot the phone, we can have Skype signed in and running in the background with no impact on the battery 🙂